B2B Marketing

Business to business Marketing

Developing a strong brand & strategy while making use of methods such as digital marketing and content marketing. B2B can result in a high ROI and long term business development.

What is B2B Marketing

Business to Business(B2B) marketing is the sale of one businesses products or services to another business. B2B marketing tactics rely on the same basic principles as consumer marketing, but are executed in a different way. While customers choose products based not only for the best value for money but on popularity, status, and other emotional decisions, B2B customers make decisions on price and profitability. They do not make decisions based on their emotions. The B2B market is the broadest of all the markets, and surpasses the consumer market in rand value.

How is B2B marketing developed and executed

While customer marketing can be advertised directly to their target market through advertising one mass produced product on television commercials, radio commercials, print media and the internet. B2B marketing cannot. Instead, it needs to brand itself over a broad spectrum, through email marketing,building ones corporate image and through technical specifications to a very small and specific target group. a B2B marketing plan must be focused entirely in delivery and broad in application.

B2B marketing has recently started using social media to reach their target groups. This has opened new doors for B2B marketing. for instance it has created two way conversations between businesses. Businesses are more likely to purchase from one another when they can track the businesses social media footprint.

B2B Success:

The success to B2B marketing is to create a company image that is enforced in the industry and that's perceived as an essential part to other companies success, making your product/service seem like they cant do without it.

Easy steps to help you get your business noticed:


Demonstrating at popular industry trade shows

Sending out email and newsletters

Maintaining an active presence while still being interactive on social media platforms

Attending networking events and building relationships with other businesses

At its core, B2B marketing involves building valuable relationships to guarantee lasting customers -- an important goal for any company, whether a mega retail corporation or a smaller family-owned one. (See also B2C Marketing)

Business to business models

There are 2 distinct models, vertical and horizontal.

Vertical B2B model

Vertical B2B is usually oriented towards manufacturing companies or general businesses. It can be divided into two directions; Upstream and downstream, Producers or commercial retailers can have a supply relationship with upstream suppliers, including manufacturers which is a form of a sales relationship.

A vertical B2B webpage can be similar to the enterprise's online store. Through the webpage, the business can promote their products intensively, more efficiently as well as comprehensively which enhances transactions. As they help their customers understand their products better. Or, the webpage can be designed for businesses, where the seller advertises their products to promote and expand transactions in an clever and convenient way.

Horizontal B2B model

Horizontal B2B is the transaction structures for the intermediate trading market. It groups similar transactions of various industries into one group, as it provides a trading opportunity for the purchaser and supplier, typically involving companies that do not own the products and do not sell the products. It is merely a platform to bring sellers and buyers together online. These platforms help buyers access information about the sellers easily and the relevant information about the products via the website.

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First step is to research the advertising place, target market, competition, location and more in order to make sure that our advertising plan for your brand is based on metrics and reality, rather than following our gut instincts.
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Creating a strategy is where we define goals and objectives for your brand. We determine the appropriate advertising channels, develop your messaging style and plan ahead in order to know the correct timing to market your business.
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Stage where we make sure we have all of the pieces in place to market your brand and then put your targeted, cost-effective advertising campaigns into action.
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The measurement phase of the advertising process is where we review the results of the campaign in order to refine your strategies before moving forward.

B2B Marketing Trends

Customer Experience

The most important B2B marketing trend is to focus on improving the customers experience while driving growth for your business. Aim to use an objective approach to gaining customer loyalty. Instead of focusing directly on methods based on your customers lifetime value, change the methods with techniques that enable you to provide relevant experiences across all channels and focus on what your customers value the most. Consistency between those two approaches will result in higher return on investment combined with stronger customer loyalty.

Executive Branding

The Internet, mobility, and social media have transformed traditional marketing tactics in the past 10 years. Marketing has shifted dramatically towards individuals. Individuals as buyers and individuals as the voices of their companies. This has resulted in traditional company branding and digital marketing techniques no longer being sufficient. Especially in B2B environments, executive branding is now considered an essential part to have in your business.

Artificial Intelligence(Machines)

The use of cognitive interfaces in complex systems, advanced analytics and machine learning technology. Many traders are already inserting components of cognitive computing capabilities into their marketing solutions. This will drive faster business decisions, e-commerce, product management, and other areas of the closing the gap from insights to action.

B2B Campaign

Collecting Information

Defining Structure

Creating Multiple Designs

Compare Designs

Select Best Design

B2B Marketing

Tactical advertising




Developing the Message

B2B Metrics



Traffic Driven

Campaign-Focused Metric

Monitor And Reports

Fundamental parts of B2B marketing


Research is the first and most important part of any modern marketing effort as it forms the foundation of a business. From marketplace research to brand research, detailed studies will help you make more informed decisions. By conducting research, you’ll have a better understanding of your clients and their specific needs — which puts you in a position to cater to their needs more efficiently. Market research also gives you insight into how your processes are performing. You will know which parts of your company are performing well and develop a better knowledge of which services you should offer to clients.

A High Performance Website

Your website is one of your most important assets to your business. A successful website is the backbone of a firm’s online presence and an information-rich projection of its expertise into the marketplace. Your website is a essential tool for building visibility for your brand . Potential clients search online to find service providers, and they need to be able to find your companies website in order for you to gain their business. In order to have a high performing website, it has to load fast, be eye catching, have unique and relevant content and show case why your business stands out above the rest.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO uses specialised keyword phrases to communicate the concepts on your site that matter to your target group. These keyword phrases typically focus on your services and expertise.The purpose of SEO is to communicate to search engines what your website is about. This allows search engines to provide more relevant results to searchers. And when people search for certain products/services on your area of specialty, they’ll find you first.


There are a number of ways your business can advertise: Industry publications and websites Social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, google plus and linkedin Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for example Google AdWords Re-targeting It’s important to use advertising platforms that are best-suited for your business and professional services.

Marketing Automation and CRM

Marketing automation takes the place of high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated ones. It brings together all of your online marketing platforms into one concentrated system for creating, managing, and measuring programs and campaigns. As with any technological instrument, it’s important to choose the correct marketing automation software for your company. Make sure the size, complexity, and scalability of a potential solution is a good match for your businesses needs.Another essential tool is a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). Many companies use a CRM to track and organize opportunities and client information.


The essential thing to remember is not to stand still or grow your businesses comfortably. In order to remain competitive, your business must constantly reevaluate your B2B marketing strategies and find new ways to improve your marketing strategies.



We use multiple advertising techniques to generate brand awareness and create a trademark through advertising campaigns and promotional strategies.

A successful advertising campaign will spread the word about your brand and attract your target market which will help your brand grow

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Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Branding is a crucial aspect of a company because it is the visual voice of the company, when people see your brand and recognise it they already trust your brand and will be more likely to use your services/products

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Email Marketing

Never lose a customer by using our re-marketing techniques and keep everyone updated with your specials.

Bulk email marketing is the most cost-effective way to re-market your brand to people that have already showed interest and keeping them in the loop with all the new specials and developments

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Digital Marketing

The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. A Good digital marketing strategy can grow your brand recognition and boost your profit margins. Digital Marketing provides numerous ways to reach your desired target market. ACME is a leading digital marketing agency focused on building brands and providing digital marketing services with the best possible ROI.

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Email Marketing

Never lose a customer by using our re-marketing techniques and keep everyone updated with your specials.

Bulk email marketing is the most cost-effective way to re-market your brand to people that already showed interest and keeping them in the loop with all the new specials and developments

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Google Ads Management

Google ads is an efficient way to reach your target market with an outstanding ROI. ACME marketing set up google ad campaigns with a unique strategy focused on getting our customers as much leads as possible within their budget. We also send a detailed list of the people that clicked on your ads during the week, making it possible for our customers to re-market and making sure that their competition is not clicking them out of business.

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Public Relations

ACME Marketing Public relations strategies are designed to help build trust and credibility with your target market who is important to your organization.

We help raise awareness about your organization as well as give your brand a chance to define, control and distribute its message to those both inside and outside your company

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Social Media

Interacting with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for all businesses. Using social media helps you build brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with current customers. Get your customers and clients talking about your brand by using us to manage your social media accounts on all the relevant platforms

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Website Design

We are all about SEO. It is a great way to reach your target market through being 1st on the results of search engines for your brand specific keywords and design responsive websites that is optimised to rank on all search engines to make sure your target market sees your brand when interested in what you have to offer. all our websites are designed to be appealing on various platforms with unique features that make your brand stand out

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