B2C Marketing

Business to Customer Marketing

Business to customer marketing (B2C) is defined as the marketing tactics and practices used to promote products and services to customers.

Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing

Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketing is when a business provides goods and / or services to customers. Business to Business(B2B) marketing is the business which sells goods and / or provides services to other businesses.

B2C marketing strategies are consumer orientated. You need to emphasize more on the pros and special features of the products and / or services you are dealing with. where as B2B marketing strategies, their main focus lies on building profit. Both strategies are designed to promote profitability.

The B2C marketing strategies are focused on emotional decisions based on the customers needs, as you deal with various people having different expectations and priorities when it comes to purchasing the products/services. In B2B marketing, decisions are based on pure knowledge and logic rather than emotion. There is very less, to no emotion involved at all between both parties . They are businesses looking for their organizational benefits.

In B2C marketing, the customers are mostly household consumers, which means that there is a large target market. Also, the sales process is very small due to the fact that we are dealing directly with the end consumer. In B2B marketing, we are working with businesses, which means that the target market is comparatively smaller when compared to B2C.

Another difference is that in B2C marketing, the customers depend upon the seller to gain knowledge about the product and services. The buyers would choose you based on the the uniqueness of the product that you offer. In B2B marketing, you are promoting your products and services to businesses that are well educated of the features and other essential parts about the products/services you offer. The buyers would choose you based on the profitability of the products/services rather than the uniqueness.

Therefore, the difference between B2C and B2B marketing comes down to the end user. With B2C marketing, you only have to convince one person to buy your product or service. For B2B marketing you have to convince an entire business.

B2C : SEO and Social Media Marketing Value

As customers search for product names or look for content related to their intended purchases, a web page with powerful search results and social presence will be visited more frequently. B2C marketers must understand the importance of well designed keyword strategies, and keep in mind that most customers search for four-word phrases.

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First step is to research the advertising place, target market, competition, location and more in order to make sure that our advertising plan for your brand is based on metrics and reality, rather than following our gut instincts.
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Creating a strategy is where we define goals and objectives for your brand. We determine the appropriate advertising channels, develop your messaging style and plan ahead in order to know the correct timing to market your business.
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Stage where we make sure we have all of the pieces in place to market your brand and then put your targeted, cost-effective advertising campaigns into action.
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The measurement phase of the advertising process is where we review the results of the campaign in order to refine your strategies before moving forward.

Business to Customer (B2C) Examples

Connect With future customers on a Human Level

If you’re focused on building relationships with your customers, you must treat them like human beings, not like potential ATMs who will dispense cash for your products. Whether you’re writing blog articles or posting on social media, create content that’s original to your image and brand. Communicate with people on a human level, whether you’re sharing your own story or helping them understand their frustrations. The idea here is to present yourself and your business as a solution to whatever problem your customers personally experience.


Everyone loves being a part of contests. The idea of winning something for free is too easy to pass up, especially if an entry doesn't require a lot of effort or time.

You can host a contest on your blog, social media, or anywhere else that seems appropriate. Many businesses use webinars to hold contests. This way, you boost attendance for your webpage and gain exposure for your brand through the contest at the same time.

Give a Free Offer With Every Purchase

Better known as a gift with purchase, a free offer with every purchase adds even more value to the product you sell. It lets customers know that they’re getting more value for money. Both parties win, you get the money from the purchase and the customer gets something extra in return. This is a great marketing strategy to boost sales.

Prioritize Searcher Intent for SEO

Many businesses fail to consider searcher intent when they optimize their content for SEO. We assume that all search engines searches are the same. They’re not. Searcher intent refers to the reason behind a search. For example, if you want something to eat, you might search for “restaurants near me.” If you’re interested in cooking, you might search for “ recipes for beginners.” The type of search indicates its intentions. Some cusotmers are just gathering information, others are comparing their options. Ideally, you will design content for all customers. Therefore, they know you have all the answers.

Retargeting Programs

Retargeting is all about reconnecting with consumers who have connected with your business in the past.As a type of paid advertising, retargeting can be expensive. However, if you use it correctly, the ROI can make the expense worth while.When a customer makes contact with your business, a sequence gets triggered. The following time the customer visits Facebook, for example, he or she will see an ad for your business.That customer might not immediately click on the ad, however, seeing the ad reinforces your brand and reminds the customer of your company .

Create Membership Programs

Membership programs encourages customers to interact with your business so they climb up the membership ladder. Also known as a loyalty program, a membership program combines competitiveness and rewards. As consumers move up the membership ladder, they gain access to more rewards, which enhances their relationship with your business.

B2C Design

Collecting Information

Defining Structure

Creating Multiple Designs

Compare Designs

Select Best Design

B2C Marketing

Tactical advertising




Developing the Message

B2C Metrics



Traffic Driven

Campaign-Focused Metric

Monitor And Reports



We use multiple advertising techniques to generate brand awareness and create a trademark through advertising campaigns and promotional strategies.

A successful advertising campaign will spread the word about your brand and attract your target market which will help your brand grow

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Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Branding is a crucial aspect of a company because it is the visual voice of the company, when people see your brand and recognise it they already trust your brand and will be more likely to use your services/products

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Email Marketing

Never lose a customer by using our re-marketing techniques and keep everyone updated with your specials.

Bulk email marketing is the most cost-effective way to re-market your brand to people that have already showed interest and keeping them in the loop with all the new specials and developments

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Digital Marketing

The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. A Good digital marketing strategy can grow your brand recognition and boost your profit margins. Digital Marketing provides numerous ways to reach your desired target market. ACME is a leading digital marketing agency focused on building brands and providing digital marketing services with the best possible ROI.

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Email Marketing

Never lose a customer by using our re-marketing techniques and keep everyone updated with your specials.

Bulk email marketing is the most cost-effective way to re-market your brand to people that already showed interest and keeping them in the loop with all the new specials and developments

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Google Ads Management

Google ads is an efficient way to reach your target market with an outstanding ROI. ACME marketing set up google ad campaigns with a unique strategy focused on getting our customers as much leads as possible within their budget. We also send a detailed list of the people that clicked on your ads during the week, making it possible for our customers to re-market and making sure that their competition is not clicking them out of business.

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Public Relations

ACME Marketing Public relations strategies are designed to help build trust and credibility with your target market who is important to your organization.

We help raise awareness about your organization as well as give your brand a chance to define, control and distribute its message to those both inside and outside your company

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Social Media

Interacting with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for all businesses. Using social media helps you build brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with current customers. Get your customers and clients talking about your brand by using us to manage your social media accounts on all the relevant platforms

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Website Design

We are all about SEO. It is a great way to reach your target market through being 1st on the results of search engines for your brand specific keywords and design responsive websites that is optimised to rank on all search engines to make sure your target market sees your brand when interested in what you have to offer. all our websites are designed to be appealing on various platforms with unique features that make your brand stand out

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