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Business advertising is an advertising campaign of individuals or organizations including commercial businesses, governments and institutions. It empowers them to sell products or services to other businesses or organizations that resell the products/services, use it in their products or services or use it as a support mechanism for their work. Another term for business advertising is industrial advertising.

Business Advertising :

Business Advertising Strategies

Google Ads for Small Business Advertising

Online advertising is typically more cost-effective and more successful, since you're able to reach your advertising budget at a more select group of people, and closely measure how that audience responds to your advertising campaign.

B2B branding

B2B branding is different from B2C in some distinctive ways, including the need to range corporate brands, divisional brands and product/service brands and to apply brand standards to platforms often considered as informal for example email and other electronic messaging systems.

Target market

a Businesses target market for a product or service is generally smaller and has more specialized wants and needs reflective of a specific industry or calling. Regardless of the size of the target group, the business customer is making an organizational buying decision as well as the dynamics involved, both the procedure and the value of the product/service offered, differ immensely from the consumer market. There may be multiple factors influencing on the purchase decision, which may also have to be marketed to, though they may not be members of the decision making unit. In other words the research and decision making process a B2B buyer undertakes will be more extensive. concluding that the purchase information that buyers are researching changes as they go through the buying procedures.


The business market can be persuaded to pay top prices more often than the consumer rates with appropriate pricing structures and payment terms. This pricing premium is generally achievable if it is supported with a strong and loyal brand.


Promotion planning is generally simple to do when the decision making procedure of the customer base and their demographics are known. Specific trade shows, analysts, publications, blogs and retail/wholesale stores tend to be quite common to each industry and product sector. Once the industry/product is determined, writing the promotion plan is very easy to do. Promotion systems highly depend on marketing communication procedures.

Sales and distribution

The significance of a informed, experienced and effective direct (inside or outside) sales team is crucial in the business market. When selling through distribution platforms also, the number and type of sales representatives can vary tremendously and success as a marketer is highly reliant on their success.

Communications methods

The purpose of B2B marketing communications is to aid the firms sales effort and improve the firms profitability. B2B marketing communications strategies typically include advertising, public relations, direct mail, trade show support, sales collateral, branding, and interactive services such as webpage design and search engine optimization(SEO). The Business Marketing Association is the trade union that serves B2B marketing professionals. It was established in the year 1922 and offers a range of certification programs, research services, conferences, industry awards and training programs.

Positioning statement

a Positioning statement in B2B Marketing is the first essential step to take. The position statement is a phrase that sums up what makes your business unique to other competitors and how you will be more valuable and efficient to your target market.

Developing messages

The following step is to create messages that convey your mission as a business. There is generally a primary message that covers the essential aspects of the business and conveys more strongly to consumers, about what is done and how the customers benefit from it. This is strengthen by a number of secondary messages, each of which may have a number of supporting arguments, facts and figures that adds value to the primary message and establishes a winning statement.

Campaign plans

A thorough plan aimed at resources where they will provide the best return on investment. The facilities to support each stage of the marketing process has to be in place and entire firm must be geared up to handle the questions appropriately.

Briefing an agency

A basic briefing document is generally a great idea for briefing a company, as well as focusing the company on what's essential in the marketing campaign used is used as a checklist of all the important factors that must be considered as part of the brief. General elements to an agency brief are: objectives and motives, target group, services and products, defining the campaign , product placing, graphical considerations, corporate guidelines, and any other supporting documents,material and distribution factors.

Business Advertising Examples

With the constant evolution of new marketing tools, it can be mind-blogging at times for small business owners to know where to get started with their marketing strategy. The worst possible thing you can do for your business is to try all marketing strategies at once, which will just have you running around in circles. Rather, begin by planning a detailed marketing strategy that will put your start up business on a clear road to success. So what types of marketing strategies could be considered in that plan? below are some examples of marketing strategies and tactics for businesses and how to put them into action.

Increased Website Traffic

Ruby Digital’s SEO will substantially improve the number of high-quality visits to your website.

Generate More Sales

The more quality visitors your website receives the more leads and essentially sales you will generate.

Sustainable Results

With SEO in South Africa you are able to expect sustainable results that your company can rely on for the long term.

Improve Brand Credibility

By ranking well in Google, customers are able to identify that you are leader in your industry.

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First step is to research the advertising place, target market, competition, location and more in order to make sure that our advertising plan for your brand is based on metrics and reality, rather than following our gut instincts.
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Creating a strategy is where we define goals and objectives for your brand. We determine the appropriate advertising channels, develop your messaging style and plan ahead in order to know the correct timing to market your business.
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Stage where we make sure we have all of the pieces in place to market your brand and then put your targeted, cost-effective advertising campaigns into action.
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The measurement phase of the advertising process is where we review the results of the campaign in order to refine your strategies before moving forward.

Examples of Marketing Strategies

Types of Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Functional marketing strategies have both distinctly defined targets and objectives, and a action plan to implement them. To help you get a clear knowledge of the different types of marketing strategy you should consider using, first decide what you want to achieve with your marketing scheme.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing to your clients directly will help you determine which marketing chemes and tactics are going to give your business the greatest return on investment and what will be most effective in reaching your marketing targets.

Engage your clients by asking the following questions :

What service/product are you providing?

Who do you want to sell your product/service to?

Where will you reach your target market the best?

Which marketing platforms are appropriate to your target market?

Outbound Marketing

An outbound marketing tactic requires your business to actively pursue client who may be interested in what your business has to offer. For example outbound marketing includes cold calling, direct mail campaigns , email marketing where the recipient has not given consent to receiving emails from your firm, and door-to-door campaigns by residential and business properties.

Inbound Marketing

With an inbound marketing tactic, you attract a businesses/consumers to your brand by putting content in front of them that is relevant to what they are looking for , convincing them to become customers. An inbound marketing tactic is both cost-efficient and accommodates users. Inbound marketing will work within any business. Examples of inbound marketing tactics include SEO, Social media marketing, brand awareness, google ads, and relevant content publication through blogs and articles. The ideal thing about inbound marketing is that these methods are both accommodating to your budget and is easy to use.

Marketing Strategies

Paid Search Advertising (PPC, SEM)

This is an internet advertising model where you pay a search engine to rank when certain keywords are searched, it is also a shortcut to improving your SEO rankings seeing that google will get your website data like bounce rate, unique visitors and more at a faster pace while driving traffic to your website. how it works : Businesses pay publishers to host their ad and bid on keywords for which they want the ad to appear. When an ad is clicked, the business is charged. Google ads is the name of the paid search advertising platform for Google, but there are other paid search platforms such as Bing Ads Facebook Advertising Strategy Facebook advertising is a highly effective way to promote your business directly to your target market and interact with them at the same time. You can also find out what promotions work by asking for feedback and keeping track of the interaction your target market has when you post certain ads. The Facebook advertising platform enables you to target highly specific groups based on gender, interests, age, occupation and more. Whether you’re looking to get more clients to your website or get more sales with a promotional offer, Facebook Ads can help get your business while building a database of clients to re market your service/product to .

Direct Mail Campaigns (Bulk SMS & Email Marketing)

This is an offline marketing strategy that is still highly effective with a great business marketing ROI. It entails a business obtaining a list of prospective customers and sending them a promotional letter or similar document outlining the product or service being offered. The potential consumer has the option of positively responding or disregarding the campaign altogether. Direct mail is a great way to contact potential customers in a personal manner and re-market your products and services on a monthly basis.

Cold Calling

Although this is a ‘cold’ form of contact, they should be anything but cold, and should enlighten the consumer as to the many benefits of your service/business. You should also make sure you’re only cold calling people to whom your product or service is relevant. Cold calling can be a timely process, and time is money—these tactics are best reserved for businesses that have a larger staff on hand.

Implement Marketing Strategies through Marketing Plans Businesses with the most successful marketing campaigns never just stick with a single tactic. They follow a marketing plan that enables them to try new things and analyze the results. They’re constantly trying new approaches to see what gives them the highest response rate, whether it is with A/B testing or using other analytical approaches.

It’s critical for a business to determine what works to reach their audience and convert leads into paying customers. Not all marketing strategies will work for all businesses. A comprehensive, successful marketing plan will help implement these examples of marketing strategies for your business.

Here’s the full list of proven business advertising strategies that have helped businesses grow and can help you grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Google Ads

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing


Bulk Email Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing

Public Relations

Launch a Direct Mail Campaign


Print Media

TV & Radio Ads

Bill Boards

Design Advert

Collecting Information

Defining Structure

Creating Multiple Designs

Compare Designs

Select Best Design

Tactical Advertising

Tactical advertising




Developing the Message

Advertising Metrics



Traffic Driven

Campaign-Focused Metric

Monitor And Reports

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A successful advertising campaign will spread the word about your Brand and attract customers which will help your brand grow

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Public Relations

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Social Media

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