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Our team of planners use a hands on approach when planning your specific event to ensure that there's both a tactical and creative aspect involved in order to effectively engage your target market and generate return on investment. Through combining market research and consumer insight we create an event that's tailor made for your needs. We pride ourselves in giving back to our clients and in return create events that exceed your expectations on return in investment and leave you with great satisfaction.
We've got everything you need for a wide range of event types, small or large, corporate or social, we've got a lot of experience and worked with many different clients and event with significant success rates. Your next event is in capable hands with our phenomenal team. Event management is an important part in the marketing mix. It helps to promote your product or business through direct contact with your clients. Events are a great way of creating exposure for your brand and through speaking about your service or product reinforces that you are the expert to the consumer. The advertising and public relations involved in the event are also powerful branding opportunities for your business.
Events are helpful tools for your business in bringing you directly to your audience and help generate new leads and build relationships with your clients. This also helps in introducing new ideas and gaining their trust. Events are not just used for new leads but also giving back to your clients and showing appreciation for their support.

Our services include:

Events management and concept development




We provide:

Event layout and design


Av production


Events Planning Process

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Events help gain exposure for your brand. in order to get the best possible results from events you have to research your target market, focusing on the geographics, age, gender, region and status.
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When combining the marketing geographic, you can create an event that is best suited for your specific target market, focusing on profitability and brand exposure.
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This is the fun part, we help design events according to your vision, from choosing the venue to smaller details like decor, we create unforgetable experiences that leave your target market speechless.
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The measurement phase is where we review the feedback after the event has occurred, focusing on the results in order to adjust the strategy for future occurring events.

The factors of A Successful Event

Point of your Event

A successful event has a main purpose or mission, accompanied by goals and objectives, which are the metrics of success. Understanding the purpose/mission of the event leads to well organised planning and appropriate allocation of resources and time.


The venue of an event and its location is important for the success of the event. There must be a connection between the reason behind the event, the venue selected and the audience involved at the event.

This includes all aspects of the event including the type of event, the space and the layout of the event. The location of the event has to be appropriate to the target market.

Written strategy for your event

There must be a written plan, an actual guiding document that is prepared far in advance, when there is no pressure on anyone involved. Most mistakes occur during the planning stages of an event therefore it is important to have a detailed written plan that acts as a guideline document that covers all aspects regarding the event. this has to be done in advanced in order to prevent any mistakes.

Writing out a plan demands logical and broad based thinking. It creates a space where ideas,goals and objectives can be thought through and tested before making a final decision.

An event plan must include the following:

The mission - consisting of the the goals and objectives

Detailed agenda of the event including all aspects involved

Scetch of the physical location where the event will take place

A clear plan of the flow of the event

A detailed budget for the event

Flow of the Event

An event is a planned presentation, It should consist of a beginning, middle, and end - and these should be thought through thoroughly with care and consciousness


The sequence of events is also important as it affects the flow of the event. Attention must be paid to the order in which actions take place during the event in order to keep your audiences full attention and avoid disengagement from them.

Emotional Moment

At any type of event there has to be a moment that grabs the attention of the audience in order to create awareness of the cause being supported, the importance of the organisation in the community and the importance of their contribution to the event/cause.

Message of event

People attending a special event should enjoy themselves and should enjoy the various aspects of the event such as food, decor and entertainment. But none of these should overshadow the purpose or the mission of the event.

There should be specific messages throughout the event. Showcased in the printed program, table centerpieces, general event decor, or from the center point of the event like the podium. the audience must know where their contribution has gone and the importance of their attendance. its vital to give the audience enough information to understand the organization and the importance of the event for the organization/community.

Design Advert

Collecting Information

Defining Structure

Creating Multiple Designs

Compare Designs

Select Best Design

Tactical Marketing

Tactical advertising




Developing the Message

Advertising Metrics



Traffic Driven

Campaign-Focused Metric

Monitor And Reports

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events agency, event management, event planner, event marketing, johannesburg, south africaevents agency, event management, event planner, event marketing, johannesburg, south africa
events agency, event management, event planner, event marketing, johannesburg, south africaevents agency, event management, event planner, event marketing, johannesburg, south africa



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